I’m currently living in Tokyo, but I was also here two years ago with my mom and stepdad after I graduated from NYU. I will soon post many photos and stories of my current culinary adventures in Japan, but first I am going to get the previous ones out of the way. Kaiseki meals are multi-coursed dinners often served at ryokans (traditional Japanese inns). The attention to detail is mindblowing. The three pictures below are courses from a Kaisekis meals in Kyoto, one of which we had while staying at one of the most amazing hotels I have ever stayed at, the Tawaraya. The third photo is my mom and me eating in our ryokan, wearing yukatas.

The kaiseki meal pictured below was completely vegetarian because it was prepared and served to us by monks in Koyasan while we were staying at their monastery. They make tofu delightful!!!


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