My Twenty-third Birthday

Last April I turned twenty-three, and to celebrate I prepared an afternoon tea at my house for my friends.  My boyfriend at the time, who is a bartender, made delicious cocktails that he modeled after the “Parade of Roses” champagne cocktail from The Modern in NYC. All I can remember about this delicious drink is that it involves raspberry rum, sparkling wine, rosewater, limes, rose petals, and some red liqueur. He also made the shots pictured below while working at Suite 200 in Denver. They are Washington Apples – so girly, and so delicious! Shooters can be wonderful but Champagne cocktails are my absolute favorite!! The “Roses on Parade” were a great birthday treat!

I made four different kinds of tea sandwiches (smoked salmon and cream cheese on rye, egg salad, tuna salad, and cucumber and dill) and purchased scones from a local bakery in Boulder, Spruce Confections. I also found lemon curd from World Market and my wonderful mother had an amazing, to-die-for red velvet cake delivered from Kim and Jake’s Cakes. It was out of this world.  My wonderful father had the center floral arrangement delivered.  It was a great day!

My tea turned out really well, but it wasn’t on par with the professionals. Below is an example of a casual afternoon tea done by people who really know their scones and cake – Tea & Sympathy in New York City. (see photo below). Tea & Sympathy gives you entire full-sized pieces of cake and/or cupcakes with your tea set that are heavenly, but not as delicate as tea at The Ritz Carlton, The Plaza Hotel, etc. My favorite place to have afternoon tea in the entire world is in the birthplace of the hallowed tradition – England. Specifically, the best tea I ever had was in London at the Berkely Hotel in the Caramel Room.


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