Eating in Kamakura

I took a day trip to the lovely Kamakura over the weekend.  Kamakura is a wonderful seaside town less than an hour by train from Tokyo.  The town is famous for its giant Buddha and many beautiful temples and shrines.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.  The highlight for me, however, was the specialty cuisine of the town:  purple potatoes.  Kamakura is especially renowned for its purple potato ice cream!!! YUMMY!!! I started the day off with a pre-lunch snack – a giant rice cake made right before my eyes and served with piece of nori so that the sweet sauce on the cracker doesn’t get on your hands.

We also made a pre-lunch stop at a shop that sells pickled-everything. Anything you can pickle, they sell, and it’s all delicious. And the best part is – you can sample everything!!! I LOVE SAMPLES!! I have a radar for free tasters and it was definitely beeping at this place, because there were over twenty different items to sample. Pickled bamboo, pickled garlic, pickled tomatoes, pickled eggplant, pickled sardines, etc… So much fun!!

For lunch we went to one of my favorite types of places in Japan, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Unlike conveyor belt sushi outside of Japan, the ones in the country are for the most part all very fresh and delicious. If the place is busy, it’s probably fresh, and they are also usually very reasonably priced. I love conveyor belt sushi because it’s instant gratification: you see what you want and you grab it, and you can always eat the perfect amount of food.

Of course for dessert we had purple potato ice cream. I opted for the purple potato/green tea ice cream swirl – a fine choice indeed. The two flavors were subtle and complemented each other very well. It was blissful!


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