Speculoos = Belgian Crack

Think Nutella on steroids but instead of hazelnut, the flavor is a mix of gingersnap and toffee. Yes, it is better than Nutella. I had to try it to believe it. Speculoos spread is used like Nutella, but once you’ve tried it, you will never be the same. It has little ginger/sugar crystals in it that have the perfect texture and add that extra omph. Belgians are very proud of Speculoos, as it is one of their many fattening traditional foods. Every time you order a coffee drink in this country, it comes with a Speculoos cookie (which is like a lame gingersnap – they should really just stick to the cookie paste). Speculoos might even be worth a trip to Belgium itself. Why is this not an export?

On display at Del Haize

Also see Wikipedia’s explanation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speculaas


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