Popsicles, Beach Food, and the Best Ceviche in Cartagena

I had the good fortune of being able to visit Cartagena, Colombia in September and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food.  The best part was the ceviche, which we had every single day we were there.  Of all the different ceviches we tried, the very best one was the ceviche from Club de Pesca, which we had the first day.  While on the pricier side, we were the only tourists in Club de Pesca and it was in a pleasant setting among many boats in the harbor.  I would not advise walking there, however, as we did after we were assured it was “just right down the way” by several people.  However, it was at least a 30 minute walk from the walled city and across a bridge and some not so pleasant sidewalks in the blistering heat.  Just take a cab…  And without further ado, here is the said best ceviche in Cartagena:

From the Club de Pesca

From the Club de Pesca


One of the next great finds we discovered in Cartagena was a “popsicleria”, La Paletteria.  For this one, the pictures speak for themselves:

La Paletteria

La Paletteria


The last highlight I want to show you is the wonderful lunch we had on the beach at La Playa Blanca, which is about a 40 minute boat ride from the city, but well worth the trip.  La Playa Blanca was the most quintessential Caribbean beach we went to, with pristine sand and bath water-like ocean (although the beach was very narrow).  We were served fried fish with coconut rice and plantains, and then a woman came by selling various flavored coconut sweets:


La Playa Blanca

La Playa Blanca


And one last tip:  order limonda de cocos everywhere you go.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Limonada de Coco

Limonada de Coco






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