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Bloody Mary Basics

Bloody Marys are quintessential for daytime drinking.  Whether you are imbibing them to get the fun going, or for a hangover cure, (or both), you can always feel good about the nutrient boost from the vegetables.  Plus, the garnishes make for a lovely healthy snack.  I like mine extra spicy, so I make sure to get a few extra shakes of hot sauce and perhaps garnish with a pickled jalapeno.  I am by no means a “mixologist,” but I have made my fair share of bloodies and think they taste pretty darn good. 

The basic building blocks of a good bloody are:  1) quality vodka (I prefer Kettle One, Belvedere, or Stoli), 2) tomato juice (like V8), 3) Worcestershire, 4) hot sauce (like Tabasco), 5) horseradish, 6) black pepper, and 7) garnishes (typically just celery, but this element you can go crazy with – like anything pickled, bacon, olives, etc.).  The ratios are really up to your personal preferences.  I put about two ounces of vodka in each glass (big glasses), then fill three quarters of the way with tomato juice, and stir in a big spoonful of horseradish and shake each of the Worcestershire and Tabasco at least four or five times into the glass.  Then I crack some fresh black pepper over the top, stir with celery, and perhaps add ice.    Taste and adjust to perfection.




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