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How do I eat for a week without buying groceries?  Improvise! That’s a fancy way of saying scrape the bottom of the barrel of whatever I have in the kitchen. My best improvisation by far was a take on the Post Punk Kitchen’s vegan brown sugar muffins at http://www.theppk.com/2009/04/brown-sugar-peach-spelt-muffins/.  I, however, not having half the ingredients, IMPROVISED and used regular whole wheat flour instead of spelt, extra oil instead of applesauce, and omitted the peaches altogether.  They turned out surprisingly well (and made my kitchen smell gingery and sugary and delicious):

I call them my vegan brown sugar improv muffins.  And I ate the whole batch in three days…. oopsies 🙂

The next improvised meal was just brown rice, peas, and a fried egg covered in siracha.  The last egg in my fridge – it went to good use.  I call it my improv-siracha-don:

The last MAJOR IMPROVISATION happened while camping over Labor Day.  What do you do when you are in the middle of the woods with five pounds of ground buffalo, a camping stove, and zero/zip/nil cooking utensils?  Improvise! This extreme improvisation consisted of cooking buffalo burgers with a machete.  Yes, a machete.  Pretty bad-ass, right?  And it turned out to be delish~ we topped them with spicy mustard, bleu cheese, baby arugula, and red onion.  YUM

So cheers to winging it – it usually turns out pretty yummy in the end.


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