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Brunch at Commander’s Palace

Commander’s Palace is a New Orleans’s institution.  (http://www.commanderspalace.com/)  Located in the Garden District, this historic restaurant has been serving rich, mouthwatering New Orleans cuisine since 1880.  From the service and decor to the cocktails and of course the food itself, everything is uniquely and exquisitely high class New Orleans (meaning charming and decadent).  Better to see for yourself:

Bisque with plenty of French bread

Beautiful Benedict

Shrimp and Grits a la Commander’s Palace (Fancy)

Dessert (as if the meal wasn’t rich enough)

After this scrumptious brunch my friend and I attempted to walk off a few bites by gawking at all the historic mansions in the Garden District.  We also gossiped about the fact that we saw Joan Rivers at Commander’s Palace and she looked just like she does on TV in person (sorry, no photo).  Anyway, Commander’s Palace is a must if you happen to find yourself in the Big Easy.  Your taste buds, if not your waist-line, will thank you.

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