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Caribbean Fare in Costa Rica

I recently took a fabulous spring break vacation to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We stayed in a fun little surf town called Puerto Viejo, which was filled with surprisingly good restaurants and bars. Unlike most of Costa Rica, the cuisine on the Caribbean coast is more Afro-Caribbean than Latin American. YUM. We also found they substitute yucca for potatoes in a lot of dishes – a fantastic switch. Snapper is the go-to fish, and it was fresh and delicious. If you happen to find yourself in Puerto Viejo, my top recommendation for food and drink is Koki Beach. For lunch on the beach, go to Salsa Brava, and for a nice hotel meal, try Le Cameleon. Enough talk, here are the photos:

Yucca chips with pico de gayo and guacamole from Salsa Brava

Caribbean-style snapper with mashed potatoes and vegetables from Koki Beach

Watermelon "mojito" from Lazy Mon



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