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Christmas at My House

Yes, I know Christmas isn’t coming for another ten months, but I want to share the wonderful sweets and savory traditions from my family.  Food is really the highlight of the holiday season around my house, mainly because my mother is the most amazing baker and every Christmas Eve my stepdad makes Paul Prudhomme’s Cajun shrimp.  My stepdad lived in New Orleans for a long time and has perfected Paul Prudhomme’s recipe, the key being tons of butter and spice.  We also usually have a bush de noel.  So here is a sampling of deliciousness from Christmases past.

Above: Pistachio and Cranberry Cookies and Chocolate Truffles, Below: Snowflake Gingersnaps.  Both made by my mother.  How she decorates those snowflakes so well, I will never know.  She is an artist, so I guess that helps.

Below:  Two examples of the Cajun Shrimp with rice.  Also notice the table settings- I polish the silver 🙂

Above:  Bush de Noel from Balthazar’s!! Sooooo incredible (visually and taste-wise). See http://www.balthazarbakery.com/home.php


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Valentine’s Day 2009

I just started this blog but I have some old photos and food tales to share. Last Valentine’s Day I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting and I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make the chocolate hearts on top.

I also made heart-shaped polenta (less romantic, and less visually appealing, but tasty nevertheless). Plenty of majoram was key to this dish (I laid off the butter and cream to make up for the cupcakes).

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