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Hearty Eating in Taipei and Hong Kong!

I recently returned from a trip to Taipei, Macau, and Hong Kong to visit a friend living abroad.  I was eager to try the food because Taiwan is known for dumplings (which I’m obsessed with) and Hong Kong is the birthplace of dim sum, one of my favorite meal-traditions.  My expectations were definitely met, if not exceeded by the scrumptious and wallet-friendly dumpling-paradise that I ate my way through.  Dumplings, however, were not the only tasty morsels I came across.  I had a fantastic Japanese-style in the food court of the famous Taipei 101 building:

Taipei also has great dim sum (not quite as good as Hong Kong) but very similar. One of the most famous places to have dim sum there is a popular chain called Din Tai Fung.  We went to the location in the basement of the Sogo department store, which is surrounded by a wonderful up-scale grocery store full of interesting bites to sample and gawk at.  Here are a few of our dishes from the meal:

Din Tai Fung was really good, but the dim sum we had in the mecca of dim sum definitely trumped it.  Without too much struggle, we found a very nice dim sum place I had read about called Fu Sing.  When we arrived, we discovered it specializes in shark fin, but don’t worry, we did not try that out. Luckily a member of the wait staff spoke a bit of English and we were able to order quite the assortment of my fav dim sum items:
While the BBQ pork really knocked our socks off, it was the steamed pork buns that really stole my heart.  Best steamed pork buns I have ever had.
And of course I can’t talk about food in Taiwan without mentioning bubble tea, which is a Taiwanese creation.  My first night in Taipei we went to one the night markets, which was a very stimulating scene but unpleasantly marked by the stench of stinky-tofu (I think it’s similar to nato).  I did enjoy a large traditional bubble tea – just the milk tea flavor:

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