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Japanese Street Food

All the food here is magnificent, even the stuff they sell out of carts on the side of the street. Below is a sampling of what I’ve eaten thus far.

These are mochi (pounded rice) balls on a stick. They are green because they are matcha flavored. You can also get plain ones and ones with sweet sauce. Super yum.

These pork shumai on a stick are from Yokohama’s China Town – the best China Town I have ever been to.

Takoyaki = fried balls with octopus chunks. It may sound odd, but they’re delicious. Especially when covered in mayonnaise and bonito flakes. Try and wait for them to cool off before devouring. I learned this the hard way and scorched the roof of my mouth. I’ll never learn patience…

This is a vendor truck I came across near Hakone (vendor trucks are all the rage, and Japan is not one to be left out on a trend). I didn’t try the fish cakes, but it looked nice.

The other vendor food you should try, but I don’t have a picture of is Taiyaki – cakes usually filled with azuki (red bean paste) that are shaped like fish. The most famous and oldest Taiyaki vendor in all of Tokyo is near where I live in Azabu Juban called Naniwaya Sohonten.

Chocolate covered bananas, squid on sticks, sausages on sticks, and crepes are also popular street foods. And the best thing is street food is always a bargain.


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