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Tsukiji Victory!!!

The third time is a charm!!! After two failed attempts at eating at Sushi Dai in the Tsukiji fish market, I finally was able to get there early enough to get to the front of the line. Achieving this entailed pulling an all-nighter at a 24-hour izakaya and hopping in a cab at 4:30 am to the market, and then waiting in line for an hour. Let me tell you – it was soooo worth it! Best sushi ever! The quality and the freshness of the fish is unparalleled. The only thing that freaked me out was the live clam that was still moving when you put it in your mouth. We did the chef’s menu, but you can order a la carte.

So excited to even have the privilege to wait in line! Getting into Sushi Dai is harder than getting into Bungalow 8. haha.

Sorry, the lighting is bad but this is the clam that was alive in my mouth. yikes.

Baby squid – surprisingly delicious.

We got to choose our last piece of sushi, and I chose salmon. Kind of a lame choice, but it was amazing.


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