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No, that’s not the sweet sweet music of an ice cream truck serenading my neighborhood – it’s a freaking waffle truck!! I have recently moved to the food capitol of Europe: Belgium. Known for it’s exquisite French-quality in enormous Dutch-sized portions, Belgian food is delightful. How can you have a bad culinary experience in a country best known for chocolate, frites, waffles, and beer? I will get to the chocolate and frites later, but first let’s talk about these ADORABLE waffle trucks. They are quite ubiquitous in Brussels and are always painted in a quaint retro-fashion. Here are three examples of trucks I came across in the Place du Grand Sablon, Koudenberg, and Place Flagey, respectively:

Gaufres truck in the Place du Grand Sablon

Truck on Rue Montagne de la Cour

Waffle truck on Flagey


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